Monday, January 16, 2012

Oooooh ... shiny!

I was looking for one final springtail, willing (or constrained) to pose for an action photo. With the snow and ice, my usual sources were no longer productive, so I checked out the birdhouse/feeder.

And got distracted by these beauties:

Miniature lamps, the size of a small grain of sand. Slime mold fruiting bodies on stalks.

White specks, under a strong lens, turned out to be cup fungi.

There is another slime on the wet wood, a few clumps of glassy spikes, visible to the naked eye only as a fuzzy white coating. The photos didn't turn out, and my battery is empty. I'll try to capture the spikes tomorrow.

(And now I need still another springtail; the one I found on the birdhouse is of a different species.)

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