Monday, November 28, 2011

As cold as it looks

Sunday afternoon near the mouth of the Nicomekl River; cold and clear, with just a hint of wind. A heron fluffs out his feathers, curls his neck close to his body, and stands on one leg, to preserve a bit of warmth.

Looking downstream. The posts anchor a muddy bank, covered at high tide.

Laurie's favourite photo. The heron has seen movement; a fish, a frog?  Whatever it was, it saw the danger and vanished.

My favourite. I love the bands of light and shadow on the feathers, sunlight reflected from the water. And that little patch of rust brown on his epaulettes. (Check it out full-size.)


  1. Thanks for pointing out the shoulder patch. I've never been close enough to a GBH to notice. Beautiful photo!

  2. Howdee...Beautiful birdie epaulette shots..:)

  3. Herons look like two different birds when their heads are up and down. - Margy


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