Monday, October 03, 2011

Circus of the Spineless # 66

Would you look at that title? "The Spineless". A whole world of animals, great and small, named for the one characteristic they don't possess. As if we, in our backboned state, were the norm. We're not, not by a long shot; about 99% of the life on this earth is "invertebrate" - another example of our snooty condescension.

And the term, "spineless" has such derogatory connotations! It calls to mind a lack of courage, a wimpiness, or worse. A glorious squid has to share the term with the most despised of our politicians; the adventurous ballooning spiderling with a Milquetoast. Is this justice? Is it right? No!

I hereby propose that we find a more appropriate term for the most intriguing, varied, resourceful, and durable life around us. One simple word to encompass the entire, exuberant mosaic.

Consider these examples: what characteristic do they have in common?

Some are colourful:

Mayfly nymph Photo by Daniel Stoupin

Some have surprising abilities:

And some are a bit confused:

More squid goodness from Danna Staaf;

Well? Have you thought of the One Word yet? Me neither. Maybe we'll have to stick with "Spineless" for now. Reluctantly.

Before you go, there's one more thing you must see: I'm as green as the Emerald Wasp with envy!
Dragonfly Woman went to Bugshot-2011, a workshop with Alex Wild and other photographers. And, as if that weren't enough, TGIQ went, too, and came home with this amazing photo!

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention next month's CotS. It will be hosted by Jason Robertshaw, at Cephalopodcast. Send your submissions to him, at cephalopodcast at gmail . com by the end of October.

SECOND UPDATE: A change of instructions for the next Circus; Kevin says to send submissions to him, for now. The address is kzelnio at gmail dot com.


  1. It will take me some time to follow all the links, but I did take a look at the last one. Amazing with a little camera much like mine. Maybe I should learn how to use it better. - Margy

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  3. What a wonderful collection--thanks so much for hosting! The only word that comes to mind is "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and, although it preserves the alliteration with "Circus," the sound of it is something quite atrocious.

  4. Well done, a great looking round up of posts!

    And thanks very much for including mine, even though I was too slack to submit them (for about the third month in a row)

  5. Margy, I know; TGIQ puts us all to shame! She did say that she stayed up half the night, so it's persistence as well as technique. *Promises myself to do better in future.*

    Danna, that's a good word, but my tongue stumbles over it, especially in a phrase with more "c"s and "s"es.

    David; I miss carnivals too often, too. Not a happy feeling.

  6. Thanks for hosting! I didn't get around to submitting anything this month, but you have some great links and photos here.

  7. Thanks for adding me to the Circus of the Spineless #66. There were some great posts in that collection. I will have to look into the circus some more.
    Happy Trails,

  8. Great job Weeta! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Anonymous9:53 am

    Great post, Susannah. Particularly impressed with Notes from Dreamworlds, excellent photomicrography!

  10. Nice lead-in to the Circus, Susannah. Thanks for including my late submission. I look forward to reading the other posts.


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