Monday, September 19, 2011

Unforgettable Jervis Inlet

Thank you, all, for your good thoughts for my grandson. The surgery was postponed for a day, but it is finally done, the surgeon says it went fine, and my grandson is resting peacefully. Now, I think, I can get back to normal life. (So will he, but it will take some time.)

So: back to the vacation series (alternating with current wanderings and visitors). These are from Saltery Bay, on the Sunshine Coast.

We arrived too early in the morning for the ferry, and went instead to Saltery Bay Provincial Park, a couple of kilometres back up the highway. Although it was past 9 AM, the water still had that hard-to-describe, but unforgettable, morning clarity, transparent at our feet, cool blue farther out. A light mist softened the distant hills. It was so quiet that tiny sounds stood out individually; a wavelet on the rocks, voices across the water, the whisper of a breeze in the evergreens.

The boat launch, blue water, and Laurie.

Swim gear drying on the edge of the boat launch.

The road down from the highway ends at Jervis Inlet, where there is a day-use picnic area. Campsites are in the next bay, closer to the ferry landing.

At anchor in the bay.

Mist and people standing in tiny boats.

Out fishing.


  1. That is such a peaceful little park in the off season, and not much busier in the summer. - Margy

  2. Happy that your Grandson is doing well! Beautiful area and photos.

  3. Only just catching up on my blog reading so just now read of your grandson. Collapsed lung. Sounds like a tricky operation. I supposedly had a collapsed lung when I was young but I don't know if I was diagnosed rightly ... especially as I needed no operation or anything ... but then, that was YEARS ago ... when I was in grade 6.

    Glad to hear all went well. An operation of any kind is scary if you ask me.

  4. Eileen, a collapsed lung often resolves itself with rest and time. It's only occasionally that it needs surgery, as in my grandson's case. This is the second time for him; the previous one was on the other lung.

    He's resting well, and went back to school (college) today, for one class.


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