Monday, August 15, 2011

The seasons are out of sync

Seen on a short walk from Centennial Beach to the car:

Fresh rose hips. Usually associated with the end of summer, beginning of fall.

Cottonwood "snow". We expect to see this in the spring. With a fallen chestnut flower; the tree blooms once the weather warms up. By early fall, the nuts should be ripe.

Wasp nest. Out of place; I sat on a log in the shade, and found this in the weeds just behind me, barely a foot off the ground.


  1. I live south of you in Redmond Washington

    You are correct, this has been the oddest season.

    I do see Cottonwood on occasion. For me it is the signal of "Schools Out" not the end of Summer

    But I noticed, with no cheer, yesterday the Sun was not up when I got up and when I took the garbage out at 9pm, the sun was already down


  2. This summer, I have found an elderberry bush that has both flowers and ripe berries on it! Never seen that before!! Usually, the flowers are in June, and the berries the end of August, although the other bushes seem a tad early this year...

  3. Ouch - good thing no wasps came out to greet you. - Margy


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