Thursday, August 04, 2011

Frog on a lily pad

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Chinatown

It's been another long, busy day; when things calm down, I'll have stories to tell. Yesterday (Wednesday), there was a crab rebuilding missing parts in Delta, antiquing and people watching in Chinatown, MacLean Park in Strathcona at dusk, and an epic struggle between a miniature moth and an even smaller spider. Tomorrow, who can tell?


  1. A weird looking frog!

  2. 1. wow, great shot of a bullfrog. 2. Think it's a female ( They're not native here, so I'm not a fan ('cause, you know, they eat endangered species...), but wherever they ARE native, I'm all for them.

    However, FABULOUS shot. wow. SO sharp.

    3. Now, TOTALLY on pins and needles re: tiny moth and tinier spider battle. Can you tell us?!?

  3. Thanks, biobabbler. The frog was sitting in the pond just a few feet below the walkway, and in bright light. And he didn't move. I wish all my photos were so easy!


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