Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Today's new thing

On a dry, burnt log on the White Rock beach, I found these two little packets:

Mushrooms, maybe?

They were each just under an inch long, a bit sticky to the touch, fringed and connected with white tendrils; the surface looked papery. There were no others anywhere on the logs around.

One looked as if it had been damaged. I prodded the other one with a stick, and it split apart.


There was nothing inside but this brown, doughy mass. The skin surrounded the whole thing; there was no stalk.

I don't know what they are. They remind me of a puffball, in the skin and the internal lack of features, but the shape and attachment to the log don't fit. They're not in my mushroom books.

The never-ending variety of living things always amazes me.


  1. They certainly act like puffballs, though I've never seen puffballs other than on the ground.

    I loved looking at all the birds in your last post, and was amazed at the baby hermits before that. How are the babies doing? Do they have to get bigger to find a shell, or have they already?

  2. Very odd indeed..I have never seen this before.. the inside certainly looks similar to Puffball
    I hope someone gives an ID..i am curious.

  3. Steve Creek (@screek) said they might be egg cases.

    Clytie, I haven't seen the smallest babies since I put them in the tank. I probably won't until they grow a bit. The one on the crab claw was running around tonight, very energetically.

    I've spread a small handful of tiny shells around on the sand. Tiny, as in smaller than the period at the end of a sentence, up to about 3mm long. I'd been saving them just "because".


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