Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sand and sky, with polka dots

The patterns and textures of White Rock beach at low tide:

Above the usual high tide line, fragments of driftwood slowly disintegrate.

When the wind lets up, the gentle wavelets are responsive to tiny local differences in the sand.

The five-pointed star of a dime-sized sand dollar.

Purple polka dots on the pincers of an angry crab. And drying sea lettuce.

Sharp points of a molted crab shell.

And the abdominal plate of another.

Seaweed draped over a rock, and floating in the shallow water.

Rocks, seaweed, and reflections. Looking west towards White Rock.

Rocks and empty sea. Looking east.

Critters and questions, next.


  1. I'm so pleased to have found your page through Penelope always good to meet a local blogger. I'm in Surrey, and of course I hit the beaches often for the great photo ops!

    I love this set of shots. Having a fascination for texture and design, my eyes are always on the lookout for treasures such as these. I'll pop in and visit again...:)

    Imagination Lane

  2. I love the seaweed rocks.

  3. When I went through these beautiful photos I nearly cried. I'm having such a great longing to be walking on the beach lately ... alas, I am stuck only an hour-and-a-half drive away, and unable to go ... Sigh. Second sigh. Sniff.


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