Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting old friends for the first time

Yesterday afternoon, Laurie and I met two other local bloggers at Reifel Island, people whose blogs I have been reading and commenting on for years, but we hadn't met them in "Real Life". (As if the web weren't real; it most definitely is.)

We were late; Hugh, of Rock, Paper, Lizard, and Tim (Think Big ... no, even bigger) were waiting for us at the entrance. I knew them instantly, even though I'd never seen a photo, unless you can count Tim's avatar of a head of hair with a red crab on top. He wasn't wearing the crab at Reifel.

We had a great time, walked and talked for two hours. Hugh was really helpful; he identified birds by their song, something I could never do, and then, with all four of us looking, we spotted quite a few birds I would have missed. Tim has some photos up on his blog already. I'll post most of ours tomorrow.

For now, here we are:

Me, Hugh, and Tim. With squirrel on the path. Laurie`s photo.

A curious swallow, at home.

Tim and other visitors watch manky mallards. I think that glorious tree is an oak.

Hawthorn blossoms.

The rest of the photos will wait. I`m half asleep at the computer already. G`night!


  1. What an interesting time of it you had! Always interesting to meet the authors in person!

  2. What fun! I love seeing what each of you bloggers have to say about the day. I've met one local (Portland, OR) blogger so far: Murr Brewster ( If you haven't found her yet, you owe it to yourself to check out her blog. She's a hoot.

    One of these days maybe a big PNW blogger gathering?

  3. Hi, Eileen! How changed this world is! Now we get to know people, then we meet them later. I like it!

    Patricia, re Murr; she's hilarious! Thanks for the link.


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