Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue water, blue birds

I've got the blues ...

Taking photos at a birthday party in a living room with deep red walls and not enough light, I played around with my camera settings and white balance. The photos turned out ok, but I forgot to switch everything back. Oops!

On White Rock beach, the next day, all my photos came out blue, blue, very blue. And all my efforts to fix them only made them harsh and artificial.

Here are a couple of blue gulls, with as much colour correction as I could manage:

I loved the pale browns of the wing pattern. Oh, well.

Blue or not, this guy's happy! A whole big sole to himself!

New addition to check list for each day's prep:

  1. Empty memory
  2. Recharge battery
  3. Replace clean lens cloth
  4. Check settings!
Blue bird


  1. That would make that gull the sole occupant? (sorry. =) )

  2. Guess so. But if it came down to it, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing; he's got a generous sole.


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