Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm sleepy, he's hungry.

Working late again. Just finished, at 2 AM. No time for blogging. Sleepy. This guy's awake:

Always hungry, and squeezed up close to the pump, where the food is. Growing like a weed.

Tomorrow (later today, really), if the sun comes up, we're heading to the beach. 'bout time!

Goodnight, all!


  1. Ihana kuva :-)
    Kiitos Sinulle vierailustasi blogissani..ja kauniita päiviä jatkoonkin. ollaan vanhoja, vaan ei lahoja :-)

  2. I think you guys have your biological clocks set up for different time zones! Wonderful close up photo!!

  3. That's a beautiful anemone. I guess this is the individualist that left the colony and struck out on his own? Would you happen to know the exact species?


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