Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eat and run, run and eat ...

The colder it gets, the happier the peeps are. These mid-winter days, rafts of tiny birds float on the waters of Boundary Bay, from one shore to the other, or drift in low-flying clouds as if tossed by a stray breeze. Hundreds more hunt along the shore for tiny mud critters. Prey was plentiful last week; the dunlins and sanderlings were feasting.

I love those cute running legs!


  1. Anonymous7:05 am

    love the dunlins, they look like little wind-up toys!

  2. Love the dizzy peeps! Must be fin to watch.

  3. how wonderful, thank for sharing

  4. Sara, "Wind-up toys!" That's a perfect description!

  5. Anonymous9:21 am

    restless legs syndrome :-)
    probably better to take a video than trying to take photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great footage. Glad I don't have to run that fast to get my dinner though.

  7. Great photos and video of the little peeps Susannah! It's always nice to see the actual behavior of the birds we enjoy so much.


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