Friday, October 01, 2010

Friendly neighbour

I had a visitor today. He came to the door, and stood there for a long time, close to the glass, watching me at the desk, turning his head to one side and the other, smiling at me, his curiosity untinged by caution. If I had opened the door, I'm sure he would have come in and made himself at home.

I reached for the camera, brought it down over the edge of the desk. A new thing to wonder about!  He stood tall on his two feet ("See, I can stand just like you big humans!"), watching while I took several shots, adjusting the camera until I could reduce the reflections on the glass. He found this all very interesting; such a nice, bright, shiny thing to play with!

After a while, he went away, slowly, up the maple tree to snack on the ripe seeds. He stopped by later, to see if I was still there. Smiled some more, and went on home.

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