Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time is good to wood

I love old wood, especially weathered, hard-working, experienced old wood. Here are a handful of samples from the trip to Bella Coola.

The old Hayden barn, Bella Coola. It was in the orchard in front that we saw the bear cubs picking apples.

Log cabin, Nicola Valley. At present used as a picnic site.

Typical Chilcotin fence. These are made using local trees, a bit of baling wire, occasionally a nail or two. Every fence builder has his own style.

Zigzag fence. A common pattern.

My storage shed, Firvale, already old when we lived here in the 1970s. The house and barn are gone, the fences have been taken down; all that remains is the shed. A new house will soon be built on the hill above.

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  1. Smashing photos. I agree about barn board. Lots around here are recycling it into new pieces, too!


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