Sunday, June 27, 2010

Distant sunset

On the way home from Vancouver Island, we spent the night at Powell River. We were lucky to find a motel on the hillside, overlooking the water. Many of the guests, like us, stood on the steep driveway for the better part of an hour to watch the sunset:

9:06 PM, from the top level.

Same time, Laurie's camera, from the level below me.

9:38 PM

9:42 PM; almost done.

From there, the light faded to deep purple; an amazing colour that my camera registered as blue-black. Still can't match the human eye.

A Skywatch post.


  1. Oh. wow. No wonder you stood out to watch it! And to think it was even more spectacular in real life!

  2. Spectacular photos. I’ve no doubt the sky was even more amazing in real life. I find it challenging to take sky and sea shots as depth of hue can get lost in the translation. :)

  3. aka Penelope,

    The two of us took an hour's worth of photos, so some would have to turn out. I kept switching the settings on my camera: f-stop up, down, up again, time longer or shorter, automatic and manual. It's so hard to judge what the light level really is when it's the colour that I'm seeing.

    So when I sorted through the photos, I thought I would see what settings worked best. No. Some were more contrasty than others; the slow shutter ones did seem to have better colour, but the camera needed to be well propped for those, or they were blurry.

    In the end, we lucked out. We got some fair approximations of at least the main colours. Now we need to add a capacity to capture the scent of saltwater, and the coolness of the breeze over hot pavement.

    Clytie, Yes, it was more spectacular. No camera ever does justice to a sunset.


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