Sunday, April 11, 2010

A mustering, maybe

Mixed herd:

Or would that be a pack? Or a drift?

I'm not going to try to identify these as to species. I'll leave that up to Dave and Hugh.


  1. Glad to see the high fence and hope these critters don't figure out how to jump it anytime soon! I'm thinking this may be the reason the one is upside down.

  2. I do believe these are from the species "shoppus interruptednus"

    They are easily confused, and are prone to wandering.

    It is rare to come across an entire herd, except at their special corrals, and you are lucky to have escaped unscathed!

  3. This sort of thing happens during spring migration. They get confused by city lights.

  4. Awesome find - I've been noticing the same old species around Courtenay, a few breeding groups but I'm hoping for more to show up as the spring migration progresses. Might get a few rarities, especially if we get a storm front moving through.

    I think you've got a couple of species in this drift (I like that term!) but Hugh is definitely more familiar with the Lower Mainland carts.


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