Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lines and circles

Last year (last decade!) we visited the Steveston pier on a cold mid-week day, just before Christmas. In town, parking was scant. The gift shops and art galleries were bustling and the bakery where we always stop for tea had a line-up back to the door. But the pier was almost deserted. Many of the boats are parked for the winter; no-one's selling fish and shrimp, nor, that day, doing maintenance. Not just at Christmas!

The prevailing colour, at this season, is grey. Even the birds, pigeons and gulls, were grey, lost against a grey sky.

We found a few colourful and/or shapely details to brighten the day:


Red float, blue tarp.

Gold Seal, Red Salmon.

Rust and green grass.

Fishing weights.

Weights and reels.

I think they say "Fire Only". I also think they catch rainwater.


Rigging with floats.



I'm working on another critter video. Should have it ready by tomorrow.


  1. These are cool pictures - would make a good collage

  2. Nice to see some colour amidst the grayness!! We've had a few gray days (those clouds produced diddly squat) but the sun is shining this morning, the sky is blue, and the temps are -14C. We are cozied up before the fire.

    Look forward to the critter movie.

  3. Keep track of me and Impala Image Works and you'll see like photos of Lake Erie. A fishing industry totally different from yours!


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