Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let it rain!

It's rained all day, and most of the slush has melted. We sensibly stayed off the roads and sat at home making Christmas stuff; cards (Laurie), "keeper" boxes (me).

I've discovered that only the boring purchases come in their own boxes. Antique sale, craft fair, and Culture Crawl gifts come wrapped in old newspaper or recycled packing material. So sometimes I get ambitious and make boxes. This time, I'm covering them in vintage hand-made paper that Laurie has been saving for years. Fun, but slow, delicate work; some of that paper falls apart in my fingers as soon as it touches glue.

(A GrrlScientist  post providing motivation, which I needed to get me started in the morning; The Psychology behind Wrapping Paper.)

No photos, because at least one of the recipients reads the blog.  So here's a junco, taken from my desk during a coffee break:

Looking for stray seeds on top of the hedge. There were a couple, caught in the soggy snow.

And now, off to bed. I've got another busy day tomorrow. Lee Valley Tools, Ikea, maybe a quick look into an antique store. I've got a little list ...


  1. Oh Yes! Let it rain! We haven't received the snow here that the north did and it's been mostly around freezing. I'm not looking forward to the colder day today! Cute pic of the little birdy!

  2. Nice post and I did read it all. We sre getting lots of snoe today. maybe 20 inches. My bird are going nuts at my feeders.


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