Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heat wave, remembered

Such a short time ago ... It's raining now, has been at it all day. I'm wearing a sweater and have the heater on. But in that last week of July, every day was hotter than the one before. In Powell River, waiting for the ferry, I was dizzy and headachy from the heat; we were drinking salt water and draping damp cloths over the car windows.

We had over an hour to wait, lined up alongside monstrous trucks with heat waves floating above their engines. Ahead, though, beside the loading dock, was a wharf with boats and blue water. It looked cool, so we abandoned our makeshift shade and walked down the pier.

Shimmering waves.

It was cooler down there. Marginally. But the sun was glaring off the white boats and bouncing off the water. Our eyes rejected the light; so did the cameras. At least, we could wear sunglasses. And squint.


Tank on the shore. One of a pair.

Red and black boat, detail.

Red is not the most comforting colour on a hot day.

Reflections work better; the light dims.

Light patterns reflected from the water to the hull of a boat. With rope.

The gas station, detail. Too hot at the moment for music.

Laurie challenged me to read this sign, using only the reflections.

Can you?

(Hint: look at the previous photo. No, the original is not there. It's overhead.)



  1. You were so near to my condo you probably could see it from your car. You pass it going down Courtney street to the entrance of the ferry lineup. A good place to wait out the ferry is up on Marine Ave. at Rocky Mountain Pizza. They have fresh baked goods plus cold (and hot) drinks. You can also stroll through the aisles of Marine Traders to look at all the great nautical gizmos. We are heading home tomorrow from our Newfoundland trip. Can't wait! - Margy

  2. Cool! Next time we go by, I'll wave. Marine Traders sounds interesting.

    Have a great trip home!

  3. I just arrived in Powell River today due to a spur of the moment vacation/research trip with my parents. Weather just couldn't make up its mind: raining in Richmond, sunshine on the Sunshine Coast, rain this afternoon in Powell River, then a great sunset in PR. I'll keep an eye out for that reflected sign when I'm waiting at terminal in a few days.

  4. Love all of the photos.


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