Friday, June 05, 2009

High temps, low cat

It's too hot. Far too hot. Today, in Vancouver, the temperature reached 25.8°C. (That works out to 78.4°F.) And here on our hill, it was even hotter; on the sunny side of the street, the thermometer read almost 30°C.

Yes, I know that's nothing. Down south, you might call it a cool day. But this is Canada! Our normal for this period is a high of 18°C (65°F), according to Environment Canada.

If this keeps up, I tell Laurie, I'm moving to Nunavut. In Kugluktuk, they're offering a nice, balmy 9 to 12°C (53.3°F) for this week.

This cat had found herself a cool spot under a car in Beach Grove:


She's the flattest cat I have ever seen!

Normal cat, not flat, wishing for air conditioning.


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