Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No sense watching the road when it's a parking lot

We got caught in rush hour. At least I had a camera with me :

Nanaksar Gurdwara. Sikh temple, on Westminster Highway.

LaFarge Cement plant. On the south shoreline of Lulu Island.

Alex Fraser bridge. Crossing from Lulu Island to Delta.

We passed an accident on the far side; 4 police cars, 2 tow trucks, one man with a broom. Traffic on that side was halted, all the way across the bridge. On our side, there were no obstructions. But we still inched along all across the island, bumper to bumper, brake lights flashing, until we passed the accident site. ("Move along, there, move along. Nothing to see here; move along.")

As soon as the last police car was in our rear-view mirror, we all resumed normal speed.

There was nothing to see.


  1. Sure there was: there were 4 police cars, 2 tow trucks and a man with a broom. :)

    It's funny how opposing traffic seems to slow down to gawk. Even though most of us are probably annoyed at the slow-down and would rather keep cruising and not bother to look. It always annoyed me on the radio when the traffic announcer would say "everyone was slowing down to look". I felt indignant about that, as if I had any choice about it. I wanted to ask if we could designate a non-gawker lane for those of us who were just interested in getting home, and the people who wanted to slow down to look could have the others.

  2. That's a great idea; a non-gawker lane. A little difficult to implement. Maybe a flashing announcement bounced off the clouds, another police vehicle with a projector to manage that: Left(or right) lane temporarily designated for gawkers.


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