Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whatever the weather, there are always 'shrooms

We went mushrooming at Watershed Park, Sunday afternoon. The ground was frozen, and some of the logs had a sheen of ice on top. We had to watch our footing, but at least, when we needed to kneel (or crawl) on the ground, we didn't get wet.

And we found mushrooms:

Assorted sizes and colours of the turkey-tail type.

These were rotting peacefully in the soggy soil by a creek at the bottom of the hill.

All across the upper reaches of the Park, these white cones were scattered.

More layered fans. These ones were tied together with the fine fibers of another fungus.

And attached to the log with more of the same.

A Douglas fir cone. I was hoping for Douglas fir collybia, Strobilurus trullisatus,* but it looks like I got bird poop.

*It's probably 'way too late for them. The last time I saw them was in November.

What else we found, tomorrow.

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