Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gray day at Steveston pier.

It looked like rain, but the sky was blue to the east. We dressed for rain and went to Steveston to look at fishboats.

The historic cannery, under a steely sky.

Tug coming in for a landing.

Paulina. Very tidy, freshly painted.

Brenda; the feminine touch.

Empty spool, usually holding nets.

Smaller spool, with assorted nets.

All it takes is a crack with a smidgen of mud ...

Chugging upriver.

Rope ends.



  1. Never been there but now I have through your the rope shot as your trademark shot..I am glad someone else likes to photo boats weeta!!!

  2. Island;

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, gray day and all.

    "Rope's end" as a trademark; some days I do feel as though I were at the end of my rope!



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