Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fresh Laid Eggs!

I've been wondering about my American house spiders (see previous post); they seem so lethargic most of the time. I decided I would check them at night, and see if there was any difference.

Just after dark last night, I looked. They were in their normal spots, but moving around, gently.

At 10:30, the female was fiddling with her web, pulling at the strands.

I had to work late: I didn't get out again until almost 2 AM. And we have eggs! There is a large egg case hanging in the web. Larger than the spider herself; how does she manage that?

I went out with a lamp to take photos. She didn't like that, and got quite protective, moving in front of the egg case and hanging there staring at me. So I didn't get too close.

I got a couple of blurry photos. Here's the best one; I'll try again tomorrow, in daylight, and when she has calmed down.

(Update: a newer photo:
A bit clearer, anyhow. I still didn't get too close.)

So I know I've missed a round of spider sex. I'll have to do more night-time snooping.

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