Thursday, October 08, 2015

I don't understand

How it can be that a small spider, however well nourished she may be, can lay two bags full of eggs, when each bag is bigger than herself, at her fattest?

"Don't touch my babies!"

I found this proud mother on the backside of a plywood board leaning against the wall in my backyard, and she never so much as twitched a hair while I laid the board flat and fussed around with lamps and the camera. She is guarding her second egg sac; the first is that blur in the bottom left of the photo.

When I'd finished taking photos, I carefully put the board back in the same position. I hope the next tenants ignore her until the babies hatch.


  1. Wow, what an incredible act of motherhood! I love finding the hunting spiders carrying their egg sac around on their backs. I wonder if it's harder to hunt when the eggs are riding on you? Seems like it might be tougher to run as fast or to sneak up on your prey with the ginormous white bag on your back.

  2. Nature is astounding. - Margy


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