Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good software, buggy photos.

I've spent the day, since it's still raining, stumbling through the learning process on Photoshop Element 10, mostly by trial and error. So far, the help menu has been less than useful.

This unidentified bug has served as my first serious test subject.

Found in wet, cold mud in a flowerpot. 6 mm. long, very active.

Face view of a dead companion. Much more tranquil. I like his "eyelashes".

I have the feeling that I should recognize this critter, but the memory is elusive, and I don't see it in my books or on BugGuide. I have submitted photos there. (Update: Ken W., at BugGuide says it's a rove beetle of some sort. Update #2: In the genus Tachyporus.)

And I'm happy with the results of the editing process. It took about 4 times as long as it does in Picnik, but that will improve with practice.


  1. There is a whole tiny world I never knew existed, till I found your blog. I am not sure what I think of the inhabitants, but I am still along for the ride...
    My favourite photo this week is the reflection of the bare alders and the clouds, a couple posts back!

  2. Cool. I appreciate this feedback re: software, 'cause I've been a baby, mostly just using iPhoto and not even starting up the new (relatively cheap) version of photoshop I bought.

    Maybe once I hit this deadline... Or, just DECIDE that at 2 p.m. on Saturday I will dink around with it for an hour. =)

    I just love that you keep looking for and trying to learn about bugs, wherever they may lie. =) And how awesome is yow!


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