Sunday, March 01, 2009

Driftwood critters

Pattern recognition on White Rock beach:

Eyes in the log

Name that bird!



Heartwood. I should have saved this for next Valentine's Day.



  1. The bird even has a nest!

    That last one looked like a wasp nest to me until I read the caption and saw the rock solid heart!

  2. Loved the bird...I am guessing some sort of hawk..
    all very cool...Did you see my heart Lichen in my latest post?

  3. Eileen; I hadn't even noticed the nest! Too busy looking at the eye and wings.

    Dawn; It does have a hawk look to it. A young one.

    Yes, that lichen is 'way cool!

  4. It is because you see tiny details that you were able to catch these treasures! This is why I admire you so much, you know.

    That hawk is absolutely stunning.

    But of course, you KNOW the heart is my favorite! I'm so glad you linked it to Guest Heart Thursday!


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