Sunday, March 09, 2008

Scruffy in the rain

This is Scruffy:

I've introduced him a few times before, here and here.

He was injured last fall; something, a raccoon, maybe, or a broken branch, had torn his back at the nape of the neck. He looked pretty sick for a while, and used to sit, shivering, on the chairs by my window. In December, most of the hair along his upper spine fell out. I wasn't sure he would survive the winter.

But here he is, healed, if somewhat moth-eaten, and fattening up. He's been a regular visitor at the junco-and-sparrow feeder, and I've turned a blind eye to his thievery.

Silly of me, I know. Sometimes I'm just too soft-hearted. Now I'll have to figure out how to discourage him when he decides to raise a family and do his grocery shopping here.


  1. One has to admire their spunk and persistence ... no matter what the obstacle. Perhaps that's why we are soft hearted towards the little "rats"!

  2. Err, I forgot, I tagged you in a meme, a 6 word meme, your memoir in 6 words!

  3. I feel sorry for the little guy. I'm rooting for him, but hope he goes easy on the juncos, lol...

    First time here (via Snails Tales)...


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