Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy about a lousy photo? Yes!

I am really impressed with my new camera, the Nikon D7000, once more. Because of this photo:

Skunk in the dark

And this one:

Skunk in the darker shadows of the rhododendrons

This skunk came to my garden around 8:30 in the evening. The sun had already set, and the shadows of the evergreens, hiding the sky, made him difficult to see, even a few feet away. He slipped away under the fence in the direction of Laurie's flower beds, so we went the long way around, to head him off; he's sprayed under our windows before, and the stink persists for hours.

Sure enough, the skunk headed for Laurie's nice, soft dirt, and "fragrant" bag of manure. Laurie was there in time, (I had gone back for the camera) and threw a rock in his general direction, so the skunk changed his mind and hurried away. By the time I got in position with the camera, he was far away, and all I could see was a hint of movement in the shadows. Laurie couldn't see him at all.

I took a photo, anyhow; documentation, at least. The skunk dashed under the rhododendrons, where I caught him with a second photo.

And the photos, cropped 'way down, and lightened up, actually showed the skunk, and the green of the grass and leaves! Better than my eyes, far, far better!

The skunk was around again tonight. We smelled him, but never saw him.

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Gary S. Hurd said...

Our dog came in through his pet door the other night reeking. He had grabbed a skunk that was foraging in our back yard. He vigorously rubbed his face on the living room rugs and sofa before I could grab him. I did get him into the bathtub in less than a minute or two, but the stink has lasted for days. (Even with applications of some very good deodorizers specific to the task).

Susannah Anderson said...

Yikes! My niece's dog recently did the same thing, except that he hid under the kid's bed. She says it took two weeks of laundry to get the smell out.

But a sofa?! You can't launder a sofa very well. You'll get used to the smell long before it's gone, and then your guests will smell skunk even when you can't. :(

Spare Parts and Pics said...

The newer DSLRs are amazing, aren't they!? Excellent low light shots.

Fertanish said...

Nice shots. We haven't seen our stinky visitors in a while. Although they never actually caused us any harm, I suppose that is a good thing. Still, I miss them a bit.