Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dressed in scarlet, for the cold

For this house finch, a snack of black oil sunflower seeds goes down nicely on a chilly afternoon.

"And now, I must be off. Thanks!"

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Judy said...

Pretty little bird! I have been skimming through your posts on springtails! I like the explanation from the GM Trucks. But if it works, then use it!!

biobabbler said...

Nice. =) When it gets COLD I feed my chickens seeds, chopped up nuts, any fatty seed-like thing I can find, and they SNARF them up, eschewing bright, beautiful mixed lettuce until the fatty niblets are all gone. =) Glad my impulse is rendered legit by nature.

Powell River Books said...

Our birds haven't expanded, still just Chickadees, Juncos and the one Blue Jay. Even so, they eat tons of seeds and entertain Mom. - Margy